About Leah

Like most women, I have battled with my body image, struggled with my relationship with food, and used exercise as punishment. Coming to a place of acceptance and creating a nourishing and healthy relationship with my body has been a life changing experience I am eager to help others through. Releasing the hold that it had on me allowed me to open my life to more experiences and focus on the things that really mattered most.

My personal experience, science education background, and professional leadership experience make me uniquely qualified to help you achieve your wellness goals.

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I empower women to take back control of their wellness.

Through a method focused on habit change, we create a tailored-to-you system that sets you up for inevitable success in achieving your goals, provide support in creating actionable steps, and hold you accountable. Part tough love, part cheerleader - we work together to solve your problems, and stretch you to accomplish dreams you didn't even think were possible.


to Self

Feel into what you need and what your body is telling you. Our bodies are wise, but we don’t always listen. Strive to become more in tune with yourself.



Most of our habits are automatic, but are they all serving us and supportive of our goals? What adjustments can we make in our day-to-day that will set us up for success?


Incremental Improvements

It’s not about a quick fix, it’s about making small, sustainable lifestyle changes that add up to create big results.


Not Prescriptive

Through a collaborative effort, we find what best works for you. And this may not be what works best for someone else!. Our approach will be curated specifically to your needs, and executed in a supportive, judgment free environment.



Having a strong purpose is critical to success. Uncover the “why” behind what you desire for lifestyle change and reinforce it at every step along the way.


I've learned how to change my thoughts about situations to be more positive which has made me a happier, less anxious, and more energetic person.

Laura B.


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