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Want to Read More? Here's 3 Quick Tips to Get You Excited About Reading!

As a self-proclaimed bookworm, I get my fair share of comments of people floored by how much I read. We're talking over 100 books a year. And not all fluffy romance novels! I dig in to a lot of non-fiction and self-development, and a lot of contemporary fiction.

Here's three tips and tricks I've learned along the way! Looking for some reading recommendations? Check out my Goodreads account!


Tip #1: Consume Books in All Formats

Yep, audiobooks count. There have been countless studies showing that the brain understands it all the same! Pro tip: join your local library and download audiobooks for FREE from Overdrive or Libby! Listen to books while taking a walk, folding laundry, or on your daily commute!

I also recommend downloading an ebook to your phone so you have a book at all times. Unexpected wait time at the dentist? Read a chapter in your book!

And of course, nothing beats having a physical book on hand.

Tip #2: Join a challenge!

Sometimes we just get stuck in a reading rut. Joining a reading challenge can often bring new energy to your reading ventures and introduce you to genres and authors that you haven't been exposed to. It's kind of like a scavenger hunt for books to satisfy the prompts!

My personal favorites are the annual Popsugar Reading Challenge which provides 50 prompts each year, and Reading Rivalry, a little more complicated but a monthly Facebook challenge group with 10 prompts every month. But there are so many out there for all reading levels!

Tip #3: Make it Social

Join a book club! (In person or virtual!) Get on Goodreads and connect with your friends! Follow awesome bookish Instagram accounts! Discover the world of Live Reading Vlogs. First time I stumbled on one of those my mind was blown and I was highly entertained.

What's your favorite tip for reading more?

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